E. Franklin Evans
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Stand To ...: A Journey to Manhood

Stand To ...A Journey to Manhood
by E. Franklin Evans

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E. Franklin Evans had watched every war movie John Wayne ever made, sometimes several times over. When the "Duke" led his men, war was exciting and heroes were made as they ruggedly fought and predictably won each battle. But when Evans' high school friend and real-life hero Glenn was killed in Vietnam, war became real and personal for Evans, and he felt a tremendous obligation to the buddy who gave his life in that faraway jungle.

At the tender age of nineteen, Evans voluntarily enlisted in the U.S.Army and left for basic training in early December of 1966. Before long, he was deeply entrenched in a treacherous war, far removed from his innocent and carefree youth. He had to learn not only to survive but also to muster the bravery to lead others in combat as he was thrust from adolescence into adulthood.

It has taken Evans more than thirty-five years to begin to heal the physical and emotional wounds that kept him from sharing his intensely personal story. From his depiction of the picturesque aerial view of Cam Rahn Bay to that of the barbed wire, metal planking, and squat huts housing weapons of death and destruction, Evans' Stand To ... provides a vividly detailed glimpse into what it was like to become a man on the battlefields of Vietnam.


Reader Comments

"A good read for a future soldier...I have re-read some parts 3 times over." Bill R.

"It was so compelling and extremely well written that I read it cover to cover in one day!" Laura S.

"I felt as if I was actually there and that is a sign of a superior and excellent writer." Jay H.

"It made me laugh and cry. It is so well written that you can imagine every detail as you read it." Dina W.

"Stand To provides a personal account of an infantry leader that is different from many stories that have come out of the nation's military experience in Vietnam. Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the war ...will benefit from reading this book." John H.