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NOW AVAILABLE...Stand To...: A Young Man's Journey to Manhood During the Vietnam War   EFranklinEvans.com   The story of a young man who is awakened to the world around him when a tragic event propels him into his journey to manhood.


Thanks for joining me. I'm Frank Evans, author of Stand To ...: A Journey to Manhood.

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About my latest book, Stand To ...A Journey to Manhood--


Combat is a unique and highly personal experience. For those of us who survived, it remains an important part of our memories. Thoughts often turn to those we remember who didn't survive, those who sacrificed their futures. They have forever influenced the survivors in some way and helped shape the individuals we have become.

This book is my personal reflection into a crucial period in my life. That brief period served to mold many of my beliefs and ideals. A highly controversial and emotional time in our nation's history, I have tried to boil it down to how I felt and what I experienced. This is not a political commentary. I was a soldier performing my duties as I saw them. I intentionally left out any comments about what I thought about the war, the protests, the political maneuverings, and I have not passed judgment on anyone else. That is not what my book is about. It began as a journal for my children and developed into a series of vignettes in chronological order. I hope my readers take it as I meant it to be taken: a highly personal look into what I saw and felt during this period of my life.

My military career was exciting and extremely satisfying. Not only did I meet numerous influential personalities, but I have worked alongside some of the most dedicated and selfless people that I have ever met. They give much and expect little. They are family oriented and mission focused.

The Vietnam experience was a focal point in the lives of my contemporaries, my family, and my friends. It was a turbulent period for us. Today we are living in another tumultuous and dangerous period. The television news coverage brings back memories of that earlier time. In contrast to the television coverage of the past, today's coverage isn't confined to the evening news. It is available twenty-four hours a day and is instantaneous and more graphic than it was forty years ago. I am not sure which delivery I prefer more. Sometimes I think I would like to confine the daily news to a short half hour before dinner and leave the remaining hours to more enjoyable activities. I can't do that. World events influence all of us. We can't allow ourselves to ignore the good and bad things that go on around us. That realization was the beginning of my journey to manhood that began those forty or so years ago.


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About the Author
E. Franklin Evans is a decorated, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who fought as an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam. Enlisting in 1966 and serving as an infantryman for over twenty-six years, Evans has served in a vast variety of positions overseas and in combat. Recently employed as a defense contractor conducting research in new warfare technologies that support our military, he is the widowed father of three grown children and lives in Georgia.

First Lieutenant Frank Evans


"...not just another Vietnam War book filled with clich�s...This is fresh, this is new. "

"...E. Franklin Evans has captured something very special in his personal war memoir...This is one of this decade's "Top 10 Best Memoirs" on the Vietnam War experience."


"This is an outstanding book. Deserves the highest rating from MWSA."

"Great read!"

"Evans has given the non-military world a readable account of the life-shaping episode of his time in Vietnam...If a reader wants to have a first-hand glimpse into infantry life in Vietnam, they will not be disappointed..."

"A good and honest read."

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