E. Franklin Evans
NOW AVAILABLE...Stand To...: A Young Man's Journey to Manhood During the Vietnam War   EFranklinEvans.com   The story of a young man who is awakened to the world around him when a tragic event propels him into his journey to manhood.

Military Writer's Society of America

A Journey that Needed to be SharedJuly 3, 2009

Reviewed by W.H. McDonald, Jr. for Military Writer's Society of America



Vietnam veteran and author E. Franklin Evans has captured something very special in his personal war memoir, "Stand To...A Journey to Manhood". We get a good glimpse back into the life and times of a "young man" caught in the vortex of war. The reader is treated to a well written accounting of his experiences surviving both the traumas of battles and people. It is historic, personal and entertaining. 

This is one of this decade's "Top 10 Best Memoirs" on the Vietnam War experience. The story is emotionally presented through the eyes of a young Army officer - but it is clearly written with the introspection of a much older author. He looks back at that time and place in his life in an attempt to understand and come to grips with these events. It is truly a journey and one that most readers will find well worth taking with this author. 

The book gives us some insights on what it was like in one of the remote Special Forces Camps. The readers will find themselves fully engaged and on the edge of their seats as they read about the heavy fighting that took place in and around these camps. The book is about life and death and about those brave young men who lived and died a long time ago. But it is obvious that these events for men like Evans, will never seem that long ago. In their hearts and minds it is just like it happened yesterday. 

This book gets my fullest personal endorsement and recommendation.