E. Franklin Evans
NOW AVAILABLE...Stand To...: A Young Man's Journey to Manhood During the Vietnam War   EFranklinEvans.com   The story of a young man who is awakened to the world around him when a tragic event propels him into his journey to manhood.

Reviewed by Bill Rodgers-Kennedy Space Center

A good read for a future soldier
Reviewed by Bill Rodgers, Kennedy Space Center (09/2008)

Frank Evans book was a "must read" for me for several reasons. Frank & I lived across the road from each other, graduated from the same high school a year apart. We "grew up" in the bedroom community of a military base. Serving your country was deemed honorable and the thing to do. The draft was looming in our future, but it amounted to a choice to be made. Honorable men made honorable choices 'just as Frank describes the two medics in his book' There were alternatives to carrying a gun into battle. People I knew joined the Air Force, Coast Guard, or the Air National Guard with very little likelihood of seeing combat. People with a backbone served their country. Frank does not pass judgment on those who didn't serve and only expresses the frustration of the anti soldier demonstrators present upon his return. I was always curious as to Frank's choice and "why?". After high school we were continents apart, so I never got to ask him personally. His book answered that question very well. He made his choice and it served him very well, giving him a career that few can imagine. I found his book a very good "read", so much that I have re-read some parts 3 times over. ' Chu Pa mountain & the Ben Het siege' His book brings out the camaraderie of men doing tasks where their life is in each other's hands. It brings out saying that war is hours of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror. If you know someone considering a military career this is a good book to pass on to them. It is non-political and manifests a soldiers life.