E. Franklin Evans
NOW AVAILABLE...Stand To...: A Young Man's Journey to Manhood During the Vietnam War   EFranklinEvans.com   The story of a young man who is awakened to the world around him when a tragic event propels him into his journey to manhood.

The Midwest Book Review

Reviewed by Michael J. Carson, The Midwest Book Review(January 2009)

In the early sixties, war was something to be admired. Awesome heroes and no one important ever died. E. Franklin Evans has first person experience in the falsehood of that statement. "Stand To...: A Journey to Manhood" is his recollection of his harsh and sudden arrival to adulthood when he went overseas during arguably America's most controversial war in Vietnam. He returns a very different person and short a best friend. Painting a story of the harsh reality, "Stand To..." is what one needs to bring the cruelty of warfare into perspective.